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18 June 2010 @ 11:50 pm
biiiigggg update.  
oh man i should really update this more B|
gahh, stupid scanner. it ruins the softness of my sketches and neatness... D;
urghh aw/grk,s;dflkhda


something i doodled a little while ago. i think he looks rather pretty... o u o

"HOLY FUCK" "Nyeh~ Children~ <3 Paedophile!Hatter. LMAO! TT^TT" - oh god that's horrible. TT A TT
only explanation for that was that I was high...

Mid Left, beside the girl: "What is she holding? A piece of floating string? A balloon? IDK. I'm too tired."
"Lol her face. XD;;"

Text at the top right: "Apparently this is Ponyo's dad. Lolfail."
Left mid, top to bottom: "Irises with extra line looks... nicer lol. (added later on the 14th June!)"
Middle: "Lighter lines give softer & gentler, ->feminine<- effect."

Top right: "Why have you drawn me so un-sexy like?"
Left: "): 2nd attempt fail."
Right: "Best hand I have drawn!"
Middle Left to Right: "Oh foom my back hurts like HELL." "Lol hunch." "Male? Female? Human or Werewolf?" "Lol dreadlocks."

Hatter dump coming up. This is where improvements can be seen, oh yeahhhh~
numbered in order when drawn.

Best Tarrant by me this page. Enough said. Lol.
Text above Mirana: "Face soo weird.!"
Text underneath coloured Tarrant: "Holy Gems. His chin. Banana?"
Tweedle... Dum/Dee: "Who do you think I am? TweedleDee or TweedleDum?"

& Oldbag of course!"

Sadly not, Edgey. Those hands are horrible. So does that second Hatter on the top. My scanner ruins a pretty nice drawing in the bottom right hand corner. ): It looks so much nicer in RL. Chibi Mirana is quite adorable, so is Female!Mad Hatter :3 <3

Unfinished Chibi Tarrant at the top. Never got around to it. Maybe I will at a later date but for now, no. Another good looking Tarrant here. Which one's better? I don't know. Stayne's evil eye in the corner there. Lol.
Text at 'Alice': "Mirana look-a-like disguised as Alice? I think so."

Another pretty Tarrant :3 I don't know what the furg is wrong with Mirana though. And Stayne. God they're all messed up. Profiles of the two I don't know what. Suggestive Mirana is suggestive... ahaha, fail. Moody, legless, chibi Stayne and that... oh dear god look away. Bad angle, bad angle.

At first, it started off with a pretty nicely drawn, hair down Tarrant. Then Lady Long-nose. Stayne. Stayne being bitch-slapped and getting some sexy hair action there. Then practice for the pair of Iracebeth of Crims/Red Queen shoes I'm drawing and then it all goes wrong. Just what the hell happened to my Hatters? D:>

School trip with Art classmates to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. Did some sketching. :3 I don't like this first one though.

Text reads: "Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum 2nd Floor, Dutch/Italian Art Gallery, Balcony, Interior, 8th June 2010." Architecture fail.

This one I like much better:

"The Gaul, about 1835-36
François Rude
8th June 2010."

That's all from the art trip - i wish i drew more sculptures etc than have spent time on drawing the interior. :T

back to sketches

Some Joker, Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett slotted in on the top row. Slowly returning back to Alice in Wonderland. XD Ahaha, I love that: "Hey babe." However, height not quite right. Either Stayne should be taller than large Alice since she is sitting down or I make her stand up. afgakd;klfhk. A quick, simple Alice and chibi Hatter :3 Lol, apparently Elton John and a piano. Bellatrix Lestrange at the side and at the bottom, left hand corner, mainly angsty/teary Hatter. lmao idk wtf. Don't ask. srsly. Oh hey look! *alien music*

Errr, so the topless Stayne... ah, that. Lol. Long story cut short; it's unfinished and he's supposed to be holding an un-drawn ice cream topless and it's a joke with some friends involving Crispin Glover's "ice cream." Lol. Will get back to that at a later stage... Moving on.
Mid way, left hand side: "Too much hair."
Towards the right: "A FACE-- HEAD APPEARS! wait wut." "My tits aren't of the right shape, neither is my body. Anatomy fail. Lol wait wut."
Jessie was named by a friend (:

And after receiving my Alice in Wonderland Visual Companion Book (ahurhurhur) I get to draw the Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky with pretty neat references :3

"15th June 2010 (I should date my stuff.)" "Mutant bunny."
"1st try. Woohoo the Bandersnatch! Poor thing has lost his eye! ):"

Scanner ruined so many of the considered as 'nice' sketches   ;__;
oh well. Oh and that Alice there, bottom middle was drawn last night, 17th June. So, pretty recent and the girl next to her today. (: Little Stayne too.

Well that's all.
I wonder how long it'll take for me to post once more... XD;;

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Claudia: HImistytpednaem on June 19th, 2010 11:06 am (UTC)
I approve of the Joker. Just so you know.
wildlyUNSEENwildlyunseen on June 19th, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC)
Aww thank you! :'D <3